A great Australian company, a forward-thinking leader, and an industry-leading interior design firm combine for an innovative workspace solution.

Simonds Homes is a detached home builder in Australia with a national presence. The Queensland Head Office project was set out with the intention to design “a great space where people enjoy working” and to showcase Simonds capabilities as the “Great Australian Builder”.

“Everyone who visits our offices always comments on how great it looks although it’s more than that, the open and inclusive layout sees each department work together for one common goal, Happy clients. Having an interactive workspace, complimented by employing the right staff, Simonds Homes working culture is second to none.”

Employing a thorough and comprehensive workspace data gathering process Aspect explored various aspects of the Simonds brand, culture and ways of working. This data, translated into a functional design, maximises the efficiency of staff function, whilst decor pays tribute to the geography, brand, and heritage of Simonds Homes. The development included the transition to an interactive and environmentally conscious open plan workspace model, increasing opportunities for departmental interaction and fostering a collaborative, employee-focused work culture.

The result is an industrial office design that delivers to the Simonds partners, clients and staff; who they are and what they stand for, reflecting the company culture through the use of Simonds branding and colour schemes.

 “Many people talk about being Google and doing a Google, we wanted a Simonds office and that is exactly what Aspect has delivered for us”



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