What is Workplace Strategy?

Workplace strategy is about studying how people work, and creating a workspace that supports the way they work based on the data and observations. While management level perception and understanding is a key part of the findings, observations extend far deeper into things like staff personality and what environments they are best suited to for what tasks.

The workplace strategy should support the overall organisational strategy or it will fail. By coalescing the two strategies from the beginning of planning through to the transformation process you can ensure you remain aligned to your core business focus.

workplace strategy and office design

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workplace strategy

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We view Workspace strategy as comprising three main silos:

Physical Space

This involves catering for the different environments staff need to most efficiently fulfil tasks. Operational flow is also achieved through the strategic positioning of these components. Physical Space is essentially office space and how walls furniture and fixtures are laid out.

Enabling Technologies

This is about providing the technology that enables staff to maximise returns from the Physical Space. As workspaces become more agile and Activity Based Working is being more widely and thoroughly implemented staff need to be technologically agile. To be truly agile staff need to be able to take all their required technologies move, move to another environment and resume working or begin a new task without disadvantage.

Internal Policies

With the implementation of strategy comes change and with change invariably comes resistance. Developing policies that support staff behavioural change and providing staff education is key to having the strategy embraced and implemented effectively. Also, communication and habituation to change will decrease resistance to implementation of new strategies.

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Why Workplace Strategy?

• Prepares for external volatility through forecasting and the creation of flexible workspaces
• Provides a framework for implementing organisational change
• Improves profitability through increased productivity and efficiency. The most efficient ways for staff to work are identified and implemented

• Talent attraction. We are seeing a trend of increased candidate bargaining power. Having a workspace that focus on staff productivity and
• Lower staff attrition through the delivery of considered and stable work environments
• Strengthening sustainability

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